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At Insight SMS, you can buy your credit unit at relatively low prices ranging from N1.80K per sms unit to N1.40K depending on the quantity you are buying! 

SMS are sent at 1.5 unit per message to all the conventional networks in Nigeria (GLO, ETISALAT AND AIRTEL) except MTN to which message(s) is/are sent at 1.6 unit per SMS. This implies that you would be sending your bulk and branded messages with customized SENDER ID at a rate as low as N3.00k per SMS.

Like GT Bank slogan... Won't you rather partner with us?!

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Fact shows that;

75% of phones worldwide (~4.5 billion) are text-enabled and 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes. Won't you thus make use of this opportunity in getting your business promoted, get your campaigns to reach many people and be ensured that it's read by your target audience? 

Partner with us at InsightSMS and see how distinct we are from others!

Why InsightSMS?

* At No time will you be charged for set-up fees or alerts received
* 2 free credits when you register
* No expiry date: Credits are valid until when used
* Duplicate Number checking
* Easy to use interface
* Fast and effective message delivery
* Ability to schedule message for future delivery
* Template SMS Messaging
Detailed Message records availability at all time
* Send message(s) to any part of the world
* You can transfer some or all of your credit to your friends for use
* 24/7 support in case of assistance
* And many more...

1. Register @ www.insightsms.com by clicking on CREATE ACCOUNT tab on the site header
2. Provide the details required in the spaces then click SIGN UP
3. A confirmation message containing your ACTIVATION CODE would be sent to the EMAIL and MOBILE NUMBER you provided.
4. Enter the ACTIVATION CODE sent to you into the space that asks for ACTIVATION CODE
5. And... You are in!
6. Do not forget to LOG OUT when you are done. And next time you want to LOG IN, just click on LOG IN, supply you USERNAME and PASSWORD, and voila, you are in!

1.Register @ www.insightsms.com by clicking on REGISTER tab above.
2.Login to your account with the username and password you registered with.
3.You would have been given 2 FREE credit units on completion of registration.
4.Click on MESSAGES.
5.Then click SEND SMS. Click on any of SINGLE SMS (To send to one person), BULK SMS (To send to more than one person) and SEND TO ADDRESS BOOK (To send to a saved contact).
6.Specify the COUNTRY to which you are sending the message.
7.Create or select your CUSTOMIZED SENDER ID (The name you want to be displayed to your recipient).
8.Select the MESSAGE TYPE (Normal or Flash SMS).
9.Type in your MESSAGE (Typically 160 characters make a message).
10.Punch in the MOBILE NUMBER in either  the LOCAL FORMAT (e.g. 08012345678) or in the INTERNATIONAL FORMAT (e.g. 2348012345678).
11.Select YES or NO to choose if you will schedule the message to be sent later or not.
12.Click SEND to send the message.

We also have RESELLER package which allows you to buy from our platform and sell at your margin. Kindly click on the RESELLER button on the menu tab or click HERE for more info.

To know of our PRICE(S), kindly click the PRICE button above. And in case of any question or enquiries, please contact us on;
Call/Whatsapp: 07066645189
Facebook: InsightSMS

Account Details

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Account Name: Kareem Damilola
Account Number: 3053279287
Bank: First Bank

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Account Name: Kareem Damilola
Account Number: 0217079892
Bank: GT Bank

Thanks For Patronizing Us!!!

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We guarantee excellent service delivery to all your devices right from our SMS gateway.

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SMS marketing success is increasing geometrically by the year! Patronize us today and be a part of that success story...

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Why Choose Us? 

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Got any question? We are a dial away...!

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Call/Whatsapp: 07066645189

Facebook: InsightSMS