Our price starts from N1.80K per sms unit. However, you can purchase sms units for as low as N1.40K. It all depends on the quantity you want to purchase! 

And if you think you deserve to pay less than the price stated, you can contact us and we will listen to you to see if it will work out, especially if you are buying a very large quantity...


To pay for credits, login to your account

1. Click on Buy SMS under Orders menu. Then click Credit Request via bank deposit or money transfer.

2. Determine the quantity you wish to buy and make payment in any Branch of GT Bank or FIRST BANK either via MOBILE TRANSFER or Bank Deposit into the Accounts provided using your login username to make the payment.

3. Fill in the payment form in the  Credit Request page of your account or send a text to us (07066645189) with the payment details. Your account will be credited immediately we confirm your payment.

4. You can also pay via our online payment platform using your Mastercard or Verve cards through Vogue pay, Quickteller.  This is faster since you will not be needing to wait for us to send you credit after payment. The system had been programmed to send you the specified number of credits as soon as you pay.
But charges apply for using the Internet payment. Kindly read the rates each merchant bank deduct before proceeding. 

Our prices for BULK SMS purchases are shown in the table below;

Price ( N )
9, 999
10, 000
49, 999
50, 000
99, 999
100, 000
Above 100, 000

N:B- The prices tends to change from time to time depending on strength of Naira against Dollar which affects the SMS unit rates. You would be duly notified of the change whenever it happens.

Account Details

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Account Name: Kareem Damilola
Account Number: 3053279287
Bank: First Bank

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Account Name: Kareem Damilola
Account Number: 0217079892
Bank: GT Bank

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We guarantee excellent service delivery to all your devices right from our SMS gateway.

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Why Choose Us? 

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Got any question? We are a dial away...!

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Call/Whatsapp: 07066645189

Facebook: InsightSMS