Bulk SMS Messaging Services
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We offer SMS messaging services in bulk to our clients at affordable prices. At Insight SMS, you can buy your credit unit at relatively low prices ranging from N1.80K per sms unit to N1.40K depending on the quantity you are buying! 
SMS are sent at 1.5 unit per message to all the conventional networks in Nigeria (GLO, ETISALAT AND AIRTEL) except MTN to which message(s) is/are sent at 1.6 unit per SMS. This implies that youd be sending your bulk and branded messages with customized SENDER ID at a rate as low as N3.00k per SMS.

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Bulk Voice Messaging Services
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We offer Voice SMS services which delivers voice to your clients instead of texts.
You can send voice messages to a single mobile, Bulk Mobile using your Mobile Group or Address Book contacts at near free prices.

You can now speak your messages in bulk!

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An adage says “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does”. Let us advertise your products and services for you on our platform and command huge returns!
Contact us via call (07066645189) or email (support@insightsms.com) to place your adverts.

You’d never regret advertising with us!!

Modem Unlocking
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Many of the modems with hi-speed in the market are usually locked to one network. So, in order to harness the speed of this modems by using your other SIMs on it, patronize us for your modem unlocking services. We unlock modems at the rate of N1,500. But it could be reduced if you are unlocking more than 1.
To unlock your modem, just pay into our account, send the IMEI of your modem, and we would work on it and send you your UNLOCK CODE.

No modem should work on just one SIM!

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We guarantee excellent service delivery to all your devices right from our SMS gateway.

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SMS marketing success is increasing geometrically by the year! Patronize us today and be a part of that success story...

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Why Choose Us? 

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Call/Whatsapp: 07066645189

Facebook: InsightSMS